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The services provided by I-deal Group were developed using a holistic view of the trading process, dividing the process in parts, making it possible to work in 2 different ways which can suit the clients budget :

1. In full partnership with the customer, managing the entire buying cycle, from sourcing and negotiating until the complete shipment is shipped out.
2. Specific services to identify and solve disagreements at any point of the import process, Inspections and  quality Control are the top requested services.

Among the services provided by I-DEAL GROUP CHINA some examples are:


We quote prices and details of products; such information is used for calculations of costs, taxes and so on. It is important to visualize the viability of the product in the market, those information can help the client to take decisions wisely.



We understand that each market has its own requirements; Chinese factories work in mass to the whole world, and therefore do not manage orders individually. Our team works to ensure that the translation, modifications such as artwork, design, sockets and other adjustments are performed in conformity and on time.

QUALITY CONTROL                                        

To verify product appearance, functionality, logos, Packaging and Labeling as well as other special requirements.
The whole process of quality control is complex. For this reason, we divide our quality control in 3 steps! Contact us for details!


We provide everything for your trip: Interpreter, Tickets, hotels, meetings schedule with suppliers, factories visit throughout China, events and whatever else you need for your business trip!


This service is to monitor the container loading, is important to identify if the correct product is loaded, if it will be properly stored, if the quantities are in accordance with the INVOICE, if the product does not have packaging / pallets problems, and few more details.



For those who want to develop their products in the Chinese market: we adjust the products to the market, prospected customers in China and use local channels to promote/sell the product.

​​To receive a complete list of services and pricing, contact us by email:

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