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About Us:

Nowadays China is a powerful exporter to be taken under consideration, but we all know how difficult and unsafe is the negotiation procedure with this giant. This and other problems keep affecting companies which try to venture into Chinese market and often are not able to succeed or if do succeed often face problems and difficulties.
Our company is in China to avoid inconveniences and keep your business smooth


We are a Trading and Services company based in China, having Rep. Offices in Brazil and in India.

Our mission is to accomplish international business, offering services and developing products to ensure profitability of our partners, and hence the company's continued growth.

We work to become a benchmark among our customers and our suppliers, renowned for the quality, creativity, flexibility, integrity and excellence.

In Asia, we work with suppliers from countries as: China and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore which are extremely important for the development of certain products, offering prices as competitive as China.  Our procedures and services have been developed by professional holders of extensive know-how in Chinese market and aware of the importance of each step to a project to be successful.

Due to all these details, I-Deal Group has attracted the attention of companies interested in quality plus flexibility, and continues “winning” more and more customers from different parts of the globe!



 We are your IDEAL partner in Asia!

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